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Together Greg and his wife Jenny share another adventure. Back in 1986 while cruising separately on the ship S.S. Norway they met for the first time, and within four days were engaged to be married. Today they have been married for over 27 years and have raised their three children in Troy, Michigan. Recently having relocated back to Florida together they embark on other stories, as well as many more works of art available at Boca Art. In addition to The Christmas Pirate children’s holiday story other products are being produced such as paintings, large colorful canvas prints, toy action figures, treasure box with map, limited edition collectible items, T-Shirts, and more.

General Biography:
Greg grew up along the shores of Miami Beach, Florida where he began his love for the ocean, art, and creating stories of great adventures. “All I had to do was cross the street and I would find my feet in the sand and the waves playing before me.” Back in the late 60′s and 70′s, Greg enjoyed life as the son of an prolific artist who brought him everywhere living the life of a creative enthusiast. “My mother who still lives in Florida writes, paints, and is producing some fantastic pieces of work”

“As I look back upon my childhood, I’m amazed how I was able to do so much, experience so many incredible things, and be a part of many wonderful events. Truly beyond my dream.”

A former resident of Michigan for 24 years, is now residing back in Florida. Married for over 27 years to his beautiful wife Jenny, and has three children ages 15 through 25. “As incredible as it may sound, I met my wife on a cruise ship when I was 22. She was the first thing I saw when walking up to the great ship S.S. Norway to embark on a relaxing vacation with a friend of mine. Having no intentions of meeting anyone, there she was just glowing. We met on the 2nd day, and by the last day I had asked her to marry me . . . we have been together ever since.” ~ dreams can come true if you just give them a chance, gjd.


It begins with a vision

Imagery & Sound

From oil paintings to thematic music scores, creative writing to animated scenes,

Public Speaking

Fund raising, or Business events:
The Christmas Pirate appearances
"Achieving your Dreams"
Business presention
"The Digital Landscape"
"Building Great Managers"


Short Stories
"Mast in my vision"
"Kids in the Motel"
"The Christmas Pirate"
"Into the Fourth Dimension"
"Building Teams of Managers"

Visual Arts

CGI Animation
Short Films
Oil Painting
Digital Imagery

Follow your dreams with creative expression

Begin with removing the word can't and just see where the path leads ~ gjd


Latest on National Geographic

The Christmas Pirate animated movie

CGI Imagery

CGI is the foundation of many animated series today

Having been in the CGi industry since 1994 I've worked on many incredible projects.

General Motors
Detroit Institute of Arts
Brophy Interactive
Northrup Grumman
Medical Devices
Coca Cola
Animated Logo Designs

Oil Paintings

Many artists say it is your expression

Most of my paintings are exclusive works that are rarely sold. Key works have been used in the children's book "The Christmas Pirate". A few have been sold at auction for fund raising events that benefit children in need.

Thematic Scores

Sound is the foundation of energy in the arts

I've worked on various projects from CD interactive, short films, and industry presentations. Ambient is definately some of my faviorite to create:

Detroit Institute of Arts - Interventions
Detroit Institue of Ophthalmology - Auto Show Events
A Childs Life - short film
Niagara - short film
Bill Banks - short film
The Christmas Pirate - tv show

We would be excited to help in anyway.

Great ideas are generated by a vision and taking the first step ~ gjd

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